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    We can remove or trim any type of tree

  • Tree Trimming

    We can trim or remove any type of tree

Growing to be the nation's best tree service provider is one of our biggest accomplishments in recent years. We continue to grow every year because of our commitment to quality and excellence in the tree service industry. Whether you have a small tree service job or a large one, we have experts on staff to ensure you get the best tree service available.

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Jess T.

Very responsive, maticulate and did the job exactly how i wanted it. Very recommended.

Rebekah O.

I couldn't ask for a better job. The job was completed on time, friendly, and the clean up was great!

Brian D.

The crew was efficient and took out a large tree in just a couple of hours, including stump grinding. The yard was left clean. I am Very satisfied with their work.

Tree Removal

Tree removal by cutting down a tree is very dangerous work. Only hire a professional tree removal company like ours. Our tree removal companies are nationwide and are local to your area. They know what specific needs trees in your area need to be removed.

Tree Trimming

There are many reasons to trim your trees. Tree trimming is the act of pruning. Tree experts should be consulted before you start trimming your trees. You have to know about each variety of trees in order to trim them without causing future damage to your trees.

Tree Pruning

There is more to tree pruning than you can imagine. Pruning your tree(s) is essential in their growth. Tree pruning can be performed on fruit bearing trees and hardwoods.

Stump Grinding/Removal

Stump grinding is the term that most tree service professionals use when talking about removing a stump. We call it stump removal. Either way, our full service tree removal companies are fully equipped to remove the stump.

Will major equipment be brought onto my property for my tree cutting?

This is hard to tell without first knowing more about your particular project. We do refrain from using heavy machinery when possible but some projects simply cannot be performed effectively, safely, or efficiently without them. If they are required in your case the tree service technician will inform you and will limit their use to what is necessary only.

Is there a specific time to schedule my tree trimming for the best results?

Each species of tree has an ideal time for pruning. That said, in the early winter months many species are growing more slowly, meaning that tree pruning will be less of a shock to the health of the tree.

Do you perform tree services year-round?

Yes. The vast majority of our tree service technicians work all year long and have experience performing tree services in nearly any condition.

Who will be involved in my project?

The tree service technicians completing your project will be representatives of the Triple Tree Service contractors closest to you. The number of workers involved will depend on the scale of work involved and will be estimated during your free consultation.

Will a tree removal required a permit?

Often it will, yes. In order to find out about the regulations in your area you can consult a local Triple Tree Service contractor. They are very experienced with the paperwork required.

How can I tell if tree cutting is needed?

Trees often show signs of illness just like any human or animal would. If you notice an infestation of insects, irregular coloration, or things like increased lean and dangerous growth toward property, it may be time to cut down your tree. Triple Tree Service contractors will not, however, tree cutting services unless there’s no other option or the homeowner specifically requests it.

Will tree service help my real estate value?

Oftentimes, yes. a well maintained exterior appearance is known to be a point of interest for homebuyers. It even has been shown to increase the overall real estate value of your neighborhood.

Triple Tree Service represents the very best in tree services nationwide, offering comprehensive solutions to whatever your personal needs may be. Our network of contractors, arborists, and landscapers have all the experience, training, licensure, and skill to see to it that your home or business looks better than it ever has before. Just take a look through the following list of our most popular tree services to find out more about what the professionals at Triple Tree Service could do for you and then give us a call to set up a completely free at-home assessment and estimate with an expert contractor in your neighborhood.

Tree pruning services

Tree pruning is an especially common project for our team so all of our technicians are guaranteed to possess a full understanding of the proper ways to tend to a tree’s branches and shoots so that there is no damage to the tree or to your property’s appearance. Tree trimming service is a necessary form of maintenance to ensure that your tree continues to grow in a way that isn’t unappealing, unsafe, or unhealthy.

Tree cutting services

Whether you’ve grown bored of your trees or they’ve grown too problematic to prune effectively, tree cutting service from contractors at Triple Tree Service is available to provide more large-scale solutions to your tree problems. For everything from complete tree cutting down to large branch removal, tree cutting service from our company is guaranteed to be quick and dependable.

Tree removal services

Our team provides the most efficient and least invasive tree removal service available in many areas employing a technique called “zero-impact” tree removal to leave no damage at all to your property after the removal’s completed. Furthermore, our service comes complete with timber purchasing from the homeowner, lumber haul-away, and stump grinding where available. We employ a range of high quality removal vehicles and equipment and are fully licensed and insured to perform all the work necessary to get that problem tree out of your lawn for good.